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Bertram Paaskesen

Bertram Paaskesen (1954) graduated as hardware engineer in the late 1976, from the Technical Academy, Aarhus Denmark.
After a career in the hardware and software develop industry with leading international companies Bertram founded his first company in 1988. During period 1988-1999 his company focussed on implementing Enterprise Resource Planning systems based on the first generation of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

His company was in very close partner relation with the founding company of Dynamics AX, which gave Bertram a deep understanding of ERP and business rules in general. Bertram had an exit from his first company in 1999 and has had since then his focus on software product development and delivering effective integrations between standard ERP systems and high performance e-commerce.

Bertram is well-known as an out of the box thinking visionary person with clear views of pros and cons in new technologies.

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