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Beyond a Webshop

Integrated E-Commerce Evision

Introducing Integrated E-Commerce

E-Commerce is not just a webshop which you can just start on a moment's notice. As a marketer you have read up on several whitepapers, blogs and websites. You have most likely come to the conclusion that it goes beyond presenting the products like in your physical store.

You know never to forget aspects like customer information, price and discounts per customer, especially in B2B, freight / fulfillment, invoicing, and even build to order, are all parts of e-commerce. E-commerce has much developed itself as a full scale business channel, with all business processes used in others parts of the organization involved.

E-Commerce can be a well developed sales channel which enables a company to do business at any time and any location and generate additional revenue when done right. You can enable your B2B customers with one click ordering or re-ordering. You are able to report to your customers their entire order history, does not matter how the order was placed in the first place.

E-commerce is a channel which enables customers being B2C or B2B customers to do their activities when they want. E-commerce is open 24 hours a day and with the level of customer information you are able to really up- and cross sell.

To be successful with e-commerce, as it grows in volume more rapidly than you can hire and train salespeople, you also need to be able to deliver what you offer.

Moreover, that is where integration of a web shop into your other business processes comes in to play.

With an integrated e-commerce solution, you learn more about your customers, can respond swiftly to them and service them in a way they are used to.

Customer Management is crucial for maintaining customer relationships as you are now faced with a client that is physically out of reach but. Moreover, when they leave might be gone not to come back.

As inventory changes the most within a company and when you want to make sure that inventory levels are known in all channels, it is crucial to have an integrated approach. Manually managing this will not suffice.

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