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Selek Denmark Aps and K.W. Hunde og Katteartikler A/S choose Evision E-Commerce

 Image Wholesale EcommerceHerlev, July 8th, 2014: Danish wholesalers, Selek Denmark Aps and K.W. Hunde og Katteartikler A/S, choose Evision E-Commerce for their online B2B activities

Evision, software developer of the e-commerce solution Evision E-Commerce, has proven its unique solution by winning two orders from wholesalers.

E-Commerce issues from wholesalers can be complex. In the B2B world, for like, wholesalers, it is a requirement to integrate with the ERP so that the existing business processes of the organization can best be applied.

“It's quite different from when you start a new business in which you start off with an online approach”, says Harry van Rossum, Director Evision Europe, “with existing businesses, e-commerce is considered an additional sales channel, which like the other used sales channels follow the existing business processes.”
Evision E-Commerce finds its origin from the idea that all business information must lead back to the heart of the enterprise, its ERP.

When you add the online sales channel to your ERP, you want to be sure that you do not run any potential security risk that business critical information might get out to the internet and in the hands of the wrong people. To prevent this Evision has developed a specific way of integrating with ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and C5.

Additionally Evision provides support for the existing website solution to the customer, so that a customer can make the move to e-commerce, while leaving their used online marketing system intact

It has been these two aspects that wholesalers, Selek Denmark Aps and K.W. Hunde og Katteartikler A/S, have led to decide to base their e-commerce strategy on the Evision E-Commerce platform.

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