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When Data is King

When Data is King, then Integration is Mandatory

 data is king

E-commerce is booming, not only the sales volumes and the number of transaction continue to grow in B2C segments also in B2B e-commerce is developing rapidly.

In the online marketing we see a big focus on online customer engagement. Other developments can be seen with regard to the approach to Omni-channel. The customer is the central point of all engagement touch-points, be it online or off-line.

Data is King by Satya Nadella

Even if we consider the recent interview Satya Nadella gave on, in which Nadella envisions a cultural shift where data is king. Nadella sees the future in which nearly all interactions and experiences between humans, humans and computers and between computers get digitized.

This might still sound like a far away future, but this future is here today. It provides you, as a producer, wholesaler or service provider, insight in what your customers want; through every channel you interact with. And knowing your customer better, enables you to intensify your customer relationship, service them better and ultimately sell more to them.

With more data a better 360 customer view

This view on the customer will understandably not only generate more data, like we see with all the attention on big data and faster databases, it will also bring you the need for integration. If you do not integrate with your back-office you will not be able to get the 360 view of your customer and you will loose a big perspective of your customer when you add e-commerce to your sales channel.

Integration is mandatory

The mandatory need in this will be integration of your ERP with your engagement platform, which is your primary tool to interact with your online customer.
When integration is mandatory it is also important to consider how the integration is being realized. Not all integration methods will be giving the same performance or reliability as a web shop desires. So keep an eye on this. We, at Evision, have adopted a way of integration that decreases the need for heavier IT systems and still performs at the speed your online customers demand.

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