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Evision E-Commerce Express Edition - Accelerator

Take advantage of Evision E-Commerce Accelerator

Maybe it’s your first web-shop. Or maybe you want the benefits of a real-time ERP integrated e-commerce solution. Or you are looking for an accelerator to quickly launch your new B2B or B2C webshop.

Evision provides an accelerator with a growing list of standard features and integration with CMS vendor Sitecore and Open Source CMS Umbraco
With the Evision E-Commerce Express Edition you get the advantages of a fully functioning e-commerce solution from Evision - including a set of web-shop templates which gets your e-commerce up and running in no-time. Speed up the implementation process using ready e-commerce design templates and leverage the power of real-time ERP-integration. With an Express Edition you can take your business online fast and effective.

Accelerator - Adaptable to fit your business - Fast implementation

Using ready design templates will lower your cost of implementation and speed up the process and you can choose from a variety of design templates. For ultimate customization you can adapt and moderate the design templates to fit your individual business requirements. This gives you the freedom to adapt the design even as your business grow and change over time.

Full e-commerce functionality

You want to cut costs, but you don’t want to compromise functionality or quality. Evision E-Commerce Express Edition, our e-commerce accelerator, offers you all the functionality of a professional e-commerce solution handling both simple and complex business processes and routines. And as you grow your business, you can adapt your solution to meet your individual business requirements at all times.

  • Comprehensive B2B and B2C e-commerce functionality
  • Dynamic product properties
  • Login determined Product Catalog/Customer Group
  • Advanced customer self service
  • International, cross border setup (languages, currencies, markups, VAT & TAX)
  • Real-time inventory updates localized to one or multiple locations
  • Advanced Shipping and Freight calculations
  • Multi-channel/Multi-store/Shop-in-Shop
  • Multi-company

Full on-line marketing machine

The Evision accelerator integrates seamlessly with market leading CMS systems. We provide ready to use API's to Sitecore Commerce Connect and Umbraco CMS.

ERP integration

Evision provides standardized for connectivity to your ERP. With an extensive customer base in the NAV and AX user groups Evision has standardized components.

Flexible software licensing

Evision provides flexible licensing, to support our e-commerce accelerator. The Evision E-Commerce Express Edition can be licensed in different ways.

  1. Perpetual License with one time license fee and an annual software assurance subscription
  2. Subscription based license with a monthly fixed fee
  3. Consumption based licenses with a monthly fee based on online orders and numbers or products offered

Want to see a sneak accelerator preview?

Evision E-Commerce for Sitecore Accelerator can be viewed at

Evision E-Commerce Express Edition with Umbraco can be viewed at

The design of the webshop is fully adaptable to your wishes and desires. Just like Selek has done.

Did we arouse your interest?! 

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