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Evision E-Commerce integrating Dynamics AX

Evision delivers a powerful e-commerce solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamicx AX E-commerce 

You chose or you advised your customer to use AX for all the right reasons. Now you want to be able to continue with integrated e-commerce without having to make any concessions to those right reasons.
With Evision E-Commerce you can easily continue on your successful business route.

Most used reasons for embracing Microsoft Dynamics AX

  • Achieve Fast Time to Value; With pre-built industry capabilities
  • Grow Your Global Solution; Removing barriers to international growth is essential for business development
  • Work Smart and Fast; Improving your productivity by providing role-based access to information, tasks, and business processes along with powerful business intelligence
  • Drive New Business; Take advantage of new business opportunities by improving the insight into your business, and having the ability to implement change more easily
  • Support Business Today and Tomorrow; Choose a flexible deployment model that best supports your organization and can easily be adjusted to meet your changing business demand
  • Gain a Competitive Edge; Differentiate your business from competition.
  • Get Everyone on Board; Employees want to use a solution with a familiar and intuitive user experience that makes their jobs easier, and is simple to use and learn
  • Lower Your TCO; In addition to improved productivity gains, lower your total cost of ownership (TCO)

With Evision E-Commerce you are assured that none of these reasons will be compromised. We leverage the power of the Microsoft Platform.

Evision delivers the right integration

Evision does not use any of your ERP logic to realize your integrated e-commerce solution. Neither do we want to make integration complex or offer you an inflexible solution. We just add some tables in your ERP database, some management forms and our background worker module.
The background worker module ensures that your web shop is always up to date with the most recent ERP data which you decide to use in your web shop/customer portal.
That is all it takes to integrate your web shop with your Microsoft Dynamics AX setup.

Evision is flexible

Evision has a platform architecture which enables you to make any business specific customization on top of the already feature rich e-commerce platform we provide. Any ERP data that you want to use in your customer portal and web shop is supported.

Evision no degrading effect on your ERP

Evision has her own e-commerce engine, loaded with plenty business rules to cover the majority of on-line business needs. With her own engine you are assured that no degrading performance will occur in your AX environment.

Out of the box available

Evision E-Commerce is known for its features like:
• Real-time stock synchronization with ERP
• Re-stock date when stock is below certain level
• Automatic removal BUY button when product out of stock
• Show previous orders (both on-line orders and off-line orders)
• Search specific orders
• Compile list of favorite products
• Resend order data per email
• Multiple delivery addresses
• Unlimited number of freight models
• Handling different shipping companies
• Publish products from different shops in one product catalogue
• Pickup in pre-selected warehouse/shop
• Stock management per warehouse or pickup location

Evision enabling other business processes

With Evision E-commerce you have the ability to do build-to-order while doing your sales online. Sales are instantly processed into orders and can be scheduled as production jobs. No export/import or manual administrative tasks but directly placed orders into your AX solution.

Evision E-commerce is a rich e-commerce solution which easily connects to widely used CMS solutions like Sitecore, Sitefinity, Episerver and Umbraco. We provide accelerator or an express edition based on Sitecore and Umbraco 

Interested in a demo? Just get in contact with us for an on-line or in person demo

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