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Customer Management

Engaging Customer Management increases loyalty

Customer management is your way to increase customer engagement. Customer engagement leads to increased customer loyalty. So you want to learn to know your customer by using the right online marketing platform, but you also want to provide him with all the information that is only available for him.

Managing business means customers 

You want to target your customers with correct, relevant, valid and timely information. At Evision we believe you should benefit from the customer data already at hand. New and updated customer data should be easily managed and stored. With real-time ERP integration you can leverage existing and new customer data and support your existing business model. The Evision E-Commerce Engine makes sure to push the correct and valid customer data to your e-commerce site. The customer can modify master data and this is instantly reflected in your ERP system. 

You will make your customers happier with giving them insight in information like all previous orders. Information that will enable your customer to see what orders were place through which channel, but also by which team-member. The customer can search for specific order and us the one click order to reorder part of all product items on the previous order.

Customers can manage multiple delivery locations, payment and delivery methods. See what the status of an order is. 

When a customer has multiple people in procurement they all can be allowed in the shop, even with their own specialized product catalogue for which they are responsible.

Compile you product list and save it for later

What saves you more time is when you are able to compile product lists that you can use at a later point in time.  You can even have orders automatically reordered. 

Customer Management to the next level

Customer Management is key for e-commerce succes so Evision provides you with even more out of the box features like

  • Customer driven product language, currency, payment method, delivery method
  • Customer history (order active/status/change)
  • Customer statistics (rev per customer/product)
  • Customer type driven product catalogue
  • Customer type driven design & product assortment
  • Different users per customer can have different authorization
  • Profile driven price display
  • Customer driven individual price agreements
  • Max Credit Control

Great customer service will benefit you organization

When On-line service is great, it seriously unloads your customer service department. Your customer service department can give more time to the customers that need personal attention.

Great customer service beneficial for corporate procurement

With Evision you do not have rely on not the sole domain of corporate procurement for purchasing your b2b orders.

With Evision you have the tools to allow other professionals purchase products within the central procurement contracts. This decentralizes your purchasing power, enabling to have orders done right at the level in de organisation that knows what, when to purchase. Central procurement can set the max order value of online orders per group of professionals allowed to order.

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