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Freight & Shipping

Delivering the goods. Closing the loop. How difficult can that be?

Fulfilment of e-commerce orders is no different than any other type of fulfilment mechanisms. But do you leverage already existing shipping and delivery routines in your e-commerce solution? If not please continue reading. 

At Evision, we believe we should support your existing delivery routines. You probably have already built up extensive freight and shipping routines in your ERP. If not, you’re going to! Complex handling across many countries with individual variations depending on customer types, order sizes, carriers and local legislation is all nicely held in your ERP system. Now, wouldn’t it be a waste not to leverage all this information handling for your on-line orders? The Evision E-Commerce Engine makes sure to push and pull the correct and valid freight and shipping information between your e-commerce site and your ERP system to ensure a lean process that leverages all information already held in the ERP system. And over time you build this further and it still works smoothly!

With our freight & shipping module you can achieve lowering dropouts of customers, and therefor you decrease the number of lost sales.

Split orders for maximum efficiency at Jørgen Kruuse as
Especially the “split order” functionality saves a lot of work in the order handling process. When B-to-B online customers order at Kruuse, they can order both Kruuse products and products from other manufacturers, like the Hills who manufacture animal food products. The customer orders all products at the Kruuse e-commerce site. When the order is entered into Kruus’s ERP system it is split into 2 separate orders, one that Kruuse handles and one that goes directly to Hill’s fulfilment hub. The orders are handled separately fulfilled separately. Still the customer only had to place one order.

The Evision E-commerce Engine includes all the mechanisms for advanced shipping including:

  • Unlimited number of freight models
  • Handling different shipping companies
  • Fee handling based on order type and type of credit card
  • Fixed shipping cost
  • Match check area code and city
  • Free shipping if order exceeds predefined amount
  • Cross border shipping cost calculation
  • Cross border freight by weight
  • Limit ship-to countries
  • Choose different freight forms
  • Pick-up at retail store
  • Different forwarders
  • Split orders

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