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Order Management

Evision E-Commerce Order Management enables centralized, streamlined and timely order processing across multiple sales channels. Deeply integrated into your ERP system you leverage centralized data and calculation models throughout your order eco system. 

Accurate, responsive and consistent order processing

Today’s businesses have multiple touch points. Orders come in through the web site, through sales executives, through the order department, through the phone and even through partners. And today’s customers expect fast and reliable order processing. Accurate delivery times and pricing, timely information on any order changes and on-line access to follow orders from placement to invoicing. Add to that 24/7 opening hours and you have happy, returning customers. 

Reliable, automatic and streamlined order fulfilment

With Evision’s system you enhance a responsive, flexible, and consistent shopping experience for all customers. Through our centralized hub for order management you easily process, control and direct orders placed through different channels. Even complex order fulfilment processes and collaboration with suppliers are optimized through this lean and streamlined system

Raise profitability and reporting mechanisms

The real-time ERP integrated order management system improves internal efficiency by lowering order errors, takes off the load on your staff by automating key processes and raises customer service overall. Improved control and reporting mechanisms now include all sales channels and your status is real time. Your can follow sales and profit as it happens! Now that’s something.

What makes us stand out in the crowd:

  • Complete end-to-end order management across all systems and channels
  • Leverages all ERP data and calculation models
  • Inventory visibility across all touch points
  • Advanced customer self service
  • Handles advanced freight calculations
  • Handles advanced shipping & delivery requirements
  • Leverages all Evision E-Commerce´s PDM data 

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