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Price Management

Showing a customer specific price fast, means more sales

price management b2b webshop

You know that when you present the wrong price to your customer, you will instantly negatively affect your customer relationships. It is not only the market circumstances that influence the price, it is also the contact details with your customer that is reflected in the price. You might experience this less when you are a B2C focused company. When you are a B2B company customer agreements are extremely necessary, whether it be doing business online or offline. 

When you also have internal Sales placing orders you want to enable to give additional discounts right when the order is being placed. Evision E-Commerce enables your sales people to do this.

Complex Price Management

Evision supports negotiated pricing at the account level, tier-based pricing for volume discounts, segment-based pricing for particular customer groups, and more.

Better performing and engaging e-commerce experience

When it comes to price calculations, your e-commerce solution will have its test. For decades, the ERP systems have excelled in this process. Now what about the price management in your commerce site? At Evision we believe that your ERP engine should not be used to do price calculations for your webshop, this would result in higher response times, lower customer experience, increased shopping cart drop outs and consequently missed online revenue.

At Evision, we support all your existing price management models. A price is calculated by region, customer group, product group, time of year, even time of the day. We do not compromise, but leverage your ERP price data and calculation models. The Evision E-Commerce Engine makes sure to deliver the correct and valid price to your online customer. We include the complex price calculation models so that we do not have to burden your ERP, and therefore allowing a better and engaging ecommerce experience for your customer.

Price management can be complex

The Georg Jensen B2B webshop holds over 2,400,000 prices, for just over 4,000 products. The online customer would really suffer in response times if they had not decided it was the way to go to use the price management architecture from Evision. Read more on their business case

Marketing Coupons

We provide you with the flexibility to generate coupon discounting on:

  • specific products
  • product groups
  • number of products ordered
  • customers
  • customer groups
  • regions
  • currency

Coupons can be constrained by time.

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