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Product Data Management (PDM)

Product Information is crucial and influences your e-commerce success.

Enriching the product information with the right details, like images, manuals, how-to-videos, and alternative products can increase your online sales.

Data integrity is an important topic to consider when setting up the proper PIM environment. Evision provides product information and extends this based on your product date stored in your ERP, so we call it Product Data Management (PDM). Evision ensures you that you will never have data integrity conflicts between different environments. Evision ensures that your data used in different situations are always an exact match to the data in your ERP. Any product change done in your ERP is instantly available in all locations you use this specific product information.

Evision enables you, as product marketer, to work with a user-friendly multi-lingual client. You will be able to manage your product presentations the way you feel is best to engage with and support your customers. You can rely on product branding consistency both online in your webshop, in your brochure, you manuals and catalogs.

PIM PDM Evision

Intelligent product enrichment and categorization

Making products ready for online marketing requires adding to the already existing product information and organization of that information. Product texts, unlimited number of image files and document files are easily handled and distributed to the online platform. Drag and drop functionality makes for advanced and intelligent built of categories and customer segments with no limitations.

Advanced mapping and data distribution facilities

The software architecture helps you map data intelligently. You can construct an unlimited number of product categories and customized product catalogues with very little effort. Moreover, you can even distribute data to several shop set-ups from a central hub. All you need to do is to dream the optimal set-up of products, catalogues, customers and on-line shops, and there you have it. The Evision E-Commerce PDM system will work with you.

Product enrichment built on ERP data

The fast and easy data enrichment methods built on data and data models you already have in your ERP system. You leverage valuable existing ERP information and categorization methods. This helps you enrich and improve product data, for both on-line and off-line. With real-time ERP integration, all PDM information is contained in one system and shared across the organization. Data is kept in one place only, in the ERP system. This makes for an efficient, lean data storage model.
Consistency in product information on all channels is vital to increasing customer relationships

Evision E-Commerce also supports

Some other PDM features are:
• Support for unlimited categories and variants
• Product datasheet
• Product text (long and short)
• Detailed product description, easily extendable with product properties
• Images
• Documents
• Drawings (even clickable to support easy ordering of parts in drawing)
• Manuals
• Managing spare parts and alternative products
• Product procurement information
• Supplier
• Cost prices, discounts and purchase volumes
• Product manufacturing information

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