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Shopping Cart & Payments

A shopping carts come in different shapes and sizes

The on-line shopping experience should maximise conversions. Not the opposite. It should display all the customer needs to follow through to payment and be happy to return to your site! No unhappy surprises or obstacles with order summary, payment methods, local taxes or delivery dates.Ecommerce shopping cart

At Evision we believe we should support your on-line business to the maximum. Making sure that all product data, customer data and order data are correctly mapped, calculated and handled at all times on-line. Across the world, across all customer groups, across all product groups. No compromises. Basing all our data and calculation methods on the advanced complexity held in modern ERP systems we believe we give you the most comprehensive e-commerce platform ever for maximising your on-line business. We thought this through. Now try us out!

The Evision E-commerce Engine shopping cart & payment includes:

  • Save shopping cart for later
  • Manage abondoned shopping carts
  • Multiple shopping carts for periodic/future purchase
  • Shop managers can view abandoned shopping carts
  • Flexible in number of steps in checkout process
  • Re-order of previous orders reflecting actual product data
  • Quick ordering through barcode scanner
  • Support various payment gateways
  • Multiple currencies
  • Various VAT
  • Encrypted payment via SSL

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