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Evision E-Commerce Features

Evision E-Commerce has a long list of features. These features are available out of the box enabling you to realize your new webshop in a short time.

With this rich set of features you will also get a shorter ROI.

Our featurelist consists of over 200 capabilities, divided in following categories

Evision Licensing

Evision supports licensing for on-premise, hosted, private and public cloud environments.

Licensing can be done through :

  • Perpetual license with a one-time license fee and annual software assurance
  • SAAS agreement, based on a monthly subscription fee
  • License Financial Lease

Want to get more information, contact us.

Product Information

Products (Product Data Management/PIM)

  • Product description 1 (Short)
  • Product description 2 (Long)
  • Several pictures pr. product option (jpg, png)
  • Place product in "News category" for a given time and dedicated menu for new products
  • Automatic picture scaling
  • Meta tags per product 
  • Main picture
  • Secondary pictures - can replace main picture in campaign periods
  • Tertiary picture
  • Unlimited number of extra pictures
  • Unlimited number of extra documents
  • Unlimited number of document groups
  • "Buy" bottom is removed when stock is zero
  • Ready for manufacturer to create new product records in e-commerce administration


  • Automatic-instant updating of inventory based on ERP
  • Stock status figure as Standard "stock item"/"order item"/"party goods/"discontinued product"
  • Ability to force a different stock status
  • Standard product info when in stock. Alternative info when product not in stock. Option to overrule both product.
  • Green/Yellow/Red item (inventory status)
  • Display re-stock date when stock is below minimum 

Automatic record creation

  • Category and property template per item
  • Search on all products and product groups
  • Search on free text on all product properties
  • Include e-commerce's own item fields in search
  • Filter based search (i.e., price range, brand, color, size)
  • Product Data ("ready to distribute")
  • Management of master data (i.e. from production company to sales company)

Part Lists

  • Create virtual products with individual properties such as description, pictures, price etc. 
  • Virtual products can consist of products or product groups 
  • In Shopping Cart virtual products can be displayed as one virtual product or split into product parts
  • Customer option of deleting single parts of virtual product. Price will be adjusted accordingly. 

Product Properties

  • Dynamic Datasheets
  • Datasheets are product category specific
  • Data sheets can be set up with default data
  • Data entry picture can be set-up forcing necessary data entries
  • Template can be created for product properties and category placement
  • Define if you can search a specific property


  • Create an unlimited number of product variants in e-Commerce in 3 levels
  • Create your own product properties for differentiation (PDM used)
  • Combine product properties to be differentiators’ (PDM used)
  • Add different display pictures for each variant 
  • Create Variant value template 
  • Pseudo variant
  • Normal item/logic main item/variant
  • Logic for automatic pseudo record creation at 1st order of the pseudo product 
  • Price creation reference for variant and pseudo record 
  • Create whole groups of related records 
  • Complementary relation (product X points to product Y will automatically have product Y point to product X)

Product Management

  • Product Data from ERP stock table combined with ET4 Fields
  • Virtual record that combines ERP stock tables and e-stock tables
  • Product Approval, "Ready for translation/distributions"
  • Date controlled product publishing logic (Show/Remove)
  • Online data update
  • Interval controlled update
  • Category Management
  • ERP integration supports several languages, currencies and handles multiple shops (Multiple Shops integration is required)
  • Fixed inventory by using "Inventory-2"

Prices & Discounts

  • Indicate only one price pr. Product (Basis price)
  • Unlimited number of prices per product
  • Show multiple prices at the same time
  • Price is updated at only 1 place 
  • Campaigns with reduced prices for limited periods
  • Indicate prices with different units (pcs, weight, boxes, etc.)
  • Aligned for manual currency management of individual items
  • One/Group/All logic on line discounts
  • One/Group/All logic on price discounts
  • One/Group/All logic on multi line discounts
  • Datum based discounting
  • Inside sales can add discount to order



  • Show lists of previous e-orders
  • Show lists of previous ERP-orders
  • Search for specific orders
  • Compile lists of favorite products 
  • Re-send order data by e-mail
  • Standard delivery address
  • Several delivery addresses 
  • Customer can create delivery addresses
  • Customer can modify master data if permission
  • Costumer can create account from customer template
  • Customer driven product language
  • Customer driven currency
  • Costumer driven payment method
  • Costumer driven delivery method
  • Credit max control
  • Customer lockout 


  • Order history on all channels

Statistics from ERP

  • Revenue statistics per customer
  • Revenue statistics per product
  • Revenue statistics per customer/product

Users & Roles

Users per Customer

  • Create several users per Account/Customer

Customer self-service roles

  • Shop owner can create 1st user as supervisor and subsequent users with different roles
  • Customer company can subsequently create and delete own users
  • Customer company can subsequently allocate roles for own users
  • Via role management it can be controlled if the purchaser should view all orders or only own orders

Customer self-service B2B

  • Role based user access
  • A Super User Account can create new users
  • The Super User can control the rights and privileges of own users via Role provider to CMS

Multiple companies

  • Shop owner can identify a number of user roles (i.e. Supervisor or purchaser and they hold different privileges and rights in the web-shop)
  • Via Roles the shop owner can define if users may alter selected debtor key data

Customer Diversity


  • Country-led profile groups
  • Default guest profile
  • Field list definition of profil (i.e. hide company name and cvr for private users, show ean for public customers)

Profile driven price display

  • Definition of which prices should be displayed pr. profile (i.e. Incl. VAT for guests and private customers, for business customers prices are shown ex VAT)


Multiple shops

  • Create several product catalogues with individual product groups and products
  • Place one product in several shops
  • Orders across several shops 
  • Publish products from different shops in one product catalogue
  • Associate department dimension to shop


  • Pick-up in pre-selected warehouse/shop
  • Stock management per warehouse

Multiple companies

  • Shop owner can identify a number of user roles (i.e. Supervisor or purchaser and they hold different privileges and rights in the web-shop)
  • Via Roles the shop owner can define if users may alter selected debtor key data
  • Data from multiple financial entities can be directed to different shops

Multiple ERP's

  • Support for integrating with multiple ERP platforms

Point of Sale

  • Inventory management per Shop per outlet
  • Ready for Point-of-sale integration (multichannel/retail)


Customer driven product assortment

  • OEM products
  • Different users in the same company can be presented to different product assortments
  • Different users can have different roles and rights (i.e. View only, can order, can change order) 

Automatic record creation

  • Category and property template per item
  • Product Data ("ready to distribute")
  • Management of master data (i.e. from production company to sales company)


  • Products can be groups in an unlimited number of assortments
  • Assortments can be displayed as individual product groups on the web site
  • Re-use products in various assortments
  • Display different assortment groups to different languages/countries 
  • Unlimited number of category levels 
  • Associate documents to category
  • Associate pictures to category
  • Category can "define" template (product list, product detail, product list w. images etc.)
  • Category can "define" behavior (product section, static side, news, focus products, link page)
  • Language can control category title (menu text)
  • Language controlled short category text
  • Language controlled long category text
  • Hide empty category
  • Management of view sequence of category branches
  • Management of view sequence of products in category

Category Functionality

  • Approve category branch
  • Change price/discount code for whole category (i.e. campaign for Tools)
  • Sorting of products by product number, alphabetically, price 



  • Order status
  • Order change
  • All active orders
  • Order history
  • Reorder from invoice



  • Active orders
  • E-orders
  • Order status
  • Order change
  • All active orders
  • Order history
  • Reorder from invoice


Customer history

  • Invoice journal
  • Invoice history
  • Data from multiple financial accounts
  • Data from global forms
  • Data from specific companies
  • Master Data from Debtor Index 


Freight and Shipping costs

  • Unlimited number of freight models
  • Handling of different shipping companies
  • Fee handling depending on order type and type of credit card
  • Threshold controlled, cargo area, percent freight model
  • Fixed shipping costs
  • Match check of area code and city name 
  • Free shipping if order amount exceeds XX
  • Shipping costs can be overruled by debtor
  • Cross border shipping cost calculation
  • Cross border freight by weight
  • Limit ship-to countries
  • Choose different freight forms
  • Pick-up at retail store
  • Saturday delivery (option of fixed delivery days)
  • Different forwarders

Fees & Taxes


  • Charges (packaging, environmental, poison, danger etc.) 


  • Freight, payment, pallets and more

Mark-ups and fees

  • Markups for association of unlimited number of mark-ups
  • Unlimited number and types of fees

Cross Border


  • Country-led profile groups

Cross Border

  • Use different language and currency on all pricing in the web shop 
  • Pricing is managed from one central point in your web shop
  • Manage freight, payment gateways and VAT rules for the various countries in which our company operates<

Mobile Sales

Sales Agent functionality

  • Select associated customers
  • Login as customer
  • Barcode reader by device camera to create orderlies
  • Signature by customer to approved order
  • Online inventory and next availability date
  • Customer Prices
  • Customer active orders
  • Customer invoices
  • Customer amount
  • Customer overdue amount
  • Customer free credit limit
  • Customer base information and conditions
  • Adding manual discounts on orders

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart and Checkout

  • Customers can save shopping cart content for later
  • Administrator can view "abandoned" shopping carts
  • E-mail on new orders for administrator
  • Decide content and number of steps in order proces
  • Re-order
  • Save as draft
  • Quick order via item number/bar code scanner

Payment Gateway

  • Dankort and international credit cards
  • Netbanking
  • Multiple currencies
  • Encrypted payment via SSL
  • 3D secure
  • Fee handling depending on order type and credit card type

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