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Powerful mobile sales solution for Tablet/Ipad/Smartphone

Optimize sales and minimize errors.

evision Mobile is the ultimate tool for sales reps. You’re online with your ERP system and have all the data you need to optimize your sales work right at your fingertips - when you’re visiting customers and when you’re in transit between customers. Imagine: you have real time information on the customer, product catalog, prices, order history, inventory, and more. Everything you need to decide exactly what you should sell the customer, and when. Place orders directly into the system with correct, individual prices and stock. Your Dashboard gives you the perfect overview over individual customers with relevant stats and history including previous and in-process orders. You can even use Quickorders with bar code scanning for quick order processing.

Minimize administration.

And avoid time consuming follow-up after your customer visit - manual entry and telephone orders. It’s all handled online while you sit with your customer, and your customer accepts immediately. By the time you drive to your next customer, the order has already landed in your system and figures into your statistics. Reporting happens real-time without all the follow-up. Instead, you can focus 100% on sales.

Real time analysis.

Eliminate delayed sales reports, out of date statistics and ERP extracts! Analyze orders, season collections, sales campaigns in selected areas/segments and sales tendencies all the way down to the individual b-to-b customers – while you’re on the go. Overview, precision and quick decisions will be at your fingertips.

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