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Customer Overview

Evision customers think ahead and all expect the same from e-commerce.

Evision customers demand integrated e-commerce solutions, integration with their ERP is mandatory. It is for this reason Evision is selected by all our customers, our customers do not take less for a solution. ERP integration with a full featured e-commerce software platform is what they all have in common. They picked Evision E-Commerce

We are very proud of all our customers, and we hope to welcome you too.

All of our customers require both a top-line and  a bottom-line return on their investment. What do you want? Call and hear what evision can do for you.

Stelton Ecommerce Stelton sells its products to consumers. Website with the emphasis on graphic identity - profiling. Prices of site controlled by the customer country, so the web shop does not compete with local stores.
Cross border in 11 countries in 3 languages, 9 different currencies and multiple crossborder rules.
Lomax Ecommerce Lomax is market leader in office supplies in the Nordics. Their B2B webshop deals with several 10-thousands of products,which will grow fivefold before end of 2015. Lomax is an experience e-commerce user and has chosen Evision to bring them even further then they have reached in the last decade.
Kruuse Ecommerce

A combined website with web shop, online services portal, loyalty program, customer portal. The web shop holds over 12000 products, over 275,000 prices and has a global reach.

With a shop-in-shop concept multiple ERP systems are connected in one webshop. The ERP systems are safeguarded from getting other data then their own data.

BMW Ecommerce BMW uses Evision E-Commerce world-wide for their dealers. It acts as a B-to-C site where the individual sales of dealers log in and buy products (merchandize) with its accumulated points.
Catering Engros supplies food as a wholesaler, and is one of the three biggest companies in the foodservices industry in Denmark. There must be day-to-day deliveries and as many of the products have daily prices. The system is optimized for performance.
Delsey Ecommerce Online suitcase web shop for the Danish market. B2C solution, complexity lies in the number of different variants from the same suitcase (color, material, size).
Cobham Ecommerce Sales of spare parts for Cobham (Thrane and Thrane) products worldwide. There are both customer self-service and focus on delivery accuracy, which is very important for customers. Cobham has her ecommerce platform integrated with Baan, servicing several thousand products based on Bill Of Material lists (BOM)
Stof2000 Ecommerce
Stof2000, is a Danish retail chain, which achieves an omni-channel approaches towards its customers, combining an Evision E-Commerce based web shop with integration to their POS.
Dyrup Ecommerce GrowCamp Ecommerce Zenitel Ecommerce
Gerog Jensen Ecommerce Delsey Ecommerce Codan Ecommerce
DKT Ecommere Sej Bag Ecommerce Abena Ecommerce
Trygg Hansa Ecommerce Egebjerg Ecommerce Flugger Ecommerce
Labotek Ecommerce Hyundai Ecommerce Selek Ecommerce

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