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Kruuse bases her international growth strategy on Evision E-Commerce

Powerful B-to-B e-commerce platform from Evision delivers the goods.

Jørgen Kruuse is a World Class leading manufacturer and wholesaler of food and equipment for veterinarians, animal hospitals, agricultures, pet shops and private pet owners. With more than 200 employees and prosperous revenue figures senior management had ambitious growth plans.

They choose the combination of Sitecore (CMS & Online Engagement Platform), Evision E-Commerce integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Jørgen Kruuse had serious plans for growing their business internationally. Already in the world-wide top 5, it was the right time to take the next step. Strategy was to realize the business expansion through on-line channels, as this was cost effective and controllable.  Evision E-Commerce Kruuse Cat

Kruuse identified the need for a powerful e-commerce engine to achieve this strategy. 

The engine should be scalable and flexible to support the organization through this growth process. 

They also had to be able to rely 100% on their e-commerce partners as Kruuse was lacking knowledge and experience with regard to maximizing the digital opportunities across new markets and internally within the Kruuse organisation.

Info portal and complex e-commerce

The B-to-B part of the solution should focus very much on customer self service for veterinarians, farmers, animal hospitals and pet shops. The e-commerce site should function as a combined informative portal and e-commerce solution on both animal care and products. Already from the beginning the platform should be able to handle tens of thousands of part numbers, hundreds of thousands of price agreements and thousands of B-to-B customers from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Add to that the number of private pet owners that was set to expand rapidly. With this basis Kruuse wanted to grow in other countries than they were presently servicing.

use wanted to grow in other countries than they were presently servicing.

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